CE: European Conformity; compliance with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.


CRI: color rendering index; is a quantita- tive measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.


DOP: Diamond prism + opal 


DPR: Diamond prism


FMD: Fine prism + micro diffusion film


FPR: Fine prism


MPR: Microprismatic


OP: Opal


TW: Tunable white


DALI: Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, a standardised communication interface to regulate lighting levels.


IK02: Protected against 0,2 joules impact. Equivalent to impact of 0.25kg mass

dropped from 80 mm above impact- IP65 ed surface.


IK10: Protected against 20 joules impact. Equivalent to impact of 5kg mass dropped from 400 mm above impacted surface.


IP20: Luminaires which can be applied indoors only if no specific pollution rates are expected. Offices, dry, heated industrial halls, shops, shop- ping malls and theatres are typical application segments. Protected against a solid object greater than 12.5 mm such as a finger.


IP 44: Protected against a solid object greater than 1mm such as a wire. Protected against water splashed from all directions. Limited ingress permitted.


IP65: Jet-proof Iuminaires which are ap- plicable where the surroundings are hosed down frequently by water jets, or where luminaires are applied in a dusty environment. Although the lu- minaires are not fully watertight, the potential ingress of moisture will not have any harmful effect on the lumi- naire function. IP 65 luminaires are often available in impact-protected versions. Dust tight. No ingress of dust. Two to eight hours. Protected against jets of water. Limited ingress permitted.  

Sales conditions

The following Terms of delivery apply to all business relationships between LED Luks, Mednarodni prehod 6, Vrtojba, 5290 Šempeter pri Gorici, Slovenia (hereinafter called ‘Seller’) and its Clients.


1. Prices

LED Luks prices are quoted Ex-works and do not include freight and packaging costs. If not agreed differently, additional costs might be applied:

  • packaging costs: charged at our standard rates and package-size specific
  • freight: the Client can organize all the transportation by its own or, upon agreement, the Seller can do it instead. In such a case, the freight costs will be charged on the invoice.
  • customs handling costs: costs related to customs clearance, preparation of documentation, etc.…from an authorized third party company, but issued by the Seller
  • insurance costs: at the Client’s request and expense transport insurance can be taken out for shipments. The Seller shall charge this insurance at standard Insurance companies rates, which are package-size specific.

In case LED Luks organizes the transportation, the Client is responsible to provide us the information of needed documentation for customs clearance and other country-specific documentation prior the shipment is done. Additional costs might apply, if the information is not requested in time and have to be organized additionally.


2. Quotations

All Seller’s quotations are non-binding and are subject to confirmation. The Seller reserves the right to decline an order.


3. Payments

Invoices are payable in advance or within the agreed period from shipping date of the invoice, if agreed differently. Should the payment deadline be exceeded, the Seller shall be entitled to charge the usual bank interest.


4. Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Seller, the terms and dates of delivery are provided to the Client as a point of reference only and are not binding. Delivery terms and dates will begin from the date of the order confirmation, however not:

  • before the receiving of an advance payment (if not agreed differently)
  • before the supply of a guarantee, if required from the Client
  • before a total clarification of all details of the contract
  • before a total clarification of required technical information.
    Delivery terms and dates are Ex-works.
5. Warranty

LED Luks luminaires are designed to reach high quality and reliable lighting solution. We guarantee a 5-year warranty to all luminaires if mounted in compliance with installation instructions by an authorized person. If the failure occurs within the warranty period, the luminaire is replaced or repaired. This warranty shall not apply to any defect, failure or damage caused by improper use or inadequate maintenance and care. The warranty period starts from the day the products are ready to be delivered to the Client and after the written notification from LED Luks.

In case the product is no longer in production at the time of the complaint / replacement, or is not produced in the same version (shape, color, material or finish, electronics, optics etc. …), LED Luks may replace the product with a comparable product that can show equal or better performance/features.

In case the goods need to be repaired, Client shall contact the Seller who will handle the procedure. Client should agree with the Seller prior the shipment is returned.


6. Claims for transportation defects

Clients shall notify the carrier or any other person or companies charged with transporting the goods immediately upon delivery of apparent transport damages or faults and receive a confirmation for doing so. Hidden transport damages or faults shall be reported to the carrier or any other person or company charged with transporting the goods within 7 days from the delivery of the goods.


7. Place of Performance and Jurisdiction

Place of Performance and Jurisdiction is Nova Gorica. Slovenian law shall apply.