AS: Asymmetrical optic


CE: European Conformity; compliance with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation.


CRI: color rendering index; is a quantita- tive measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source.

DALI: Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, a standardised communication interface to regulate lighting levels.

DOP: Diamond prism + opal 


DPR: Diamond prism


FMD: Fine prism + micro diffusion film


FO: fixed output


FPR: Fine prism


HE: High-efficiency


HO: High-output


LP: Low power


MPR: Microprismatic


OP: Opal


PDI: Pendant direct and indirect luminaire


PR: Prismatic


TW: Tunable white


W: Wall luminaire


W D/I: Wall direct and indirect luminaire


2CH DALI: Two-channels DALI


IK02: Protected against 0,2 joules impact. Equivalent to impact of 0.25kg mass

dropped from 80 mm above impact- IP65 ed surface.


IK10: Protected against 20 joules impact. Equivalent to impact of 5kg mass dropped from 400 mm above impacted surface.


IP20: Luminaires which can be applied indoors only if no specific pollution rates are expected. Offices, dry, heated industrial halls, shops, shop- ping malls and theatres are typical application segments. Protected against a solid object greater than 12.5 mm such as a finger.


IP 44: Protected against a solid object greater than 1mm such as a wire. Protected against water splashed from all directions. Limited ingress permitted.


IP65: Jet-proof Iuminaires which are ap- plicable where the surroundings are hosed down frequently by water jets, or where luminaires are applied in a dusty environment. Although the lu- minaires are not fully watertight, the potential ingress of moisture will not have any harmful effect on the lumi- naire function. IP 65 luminaires are often available in impact-protected versions. Dust tight. No ingress of dust. Two to eight hours. Protected against jets of water. Limited ingress permitted.