The overall quality of business is the fundamental guideline for the operation of the company and for each individual.

  • It is a commitment of the company to meet all legal requirements and all the requirements to which the company has arbitrarily agreed.
  • It is a commitment of the company to provide its customers with timely, economical and reliable services.
  • We establish a mutual relationship with our customers and partners, respecting the agreed mutual obligations.
  • We take over and formulate quality criteria which enable us to be competitive and to expand our business.
  • The overall quality is a reflection of the culture of relations and employee satisfaction and drives customer satisfaction.
  • The leading staff and all other employees take responsibility for the quality and strive for the excellence of our products.
  • We constantly monitor and improve quality in all production processes inside and outside the company.
  • Systematic education is a constant of our operation planning and implementation.
  • The result of our efforts for quality is the business success of our company.