Thanks to wireless control systems that can be combined with LED Luks luminaires, lighting in the room can be easily controlled using a smart device. You can regulate the desired illumination in the room, addressing commands through wireless connection between the user and individual luminaire or group of lights. 


Different tasks require different lighting, which can be now adjusted to fit your needs. Using your smart device, you can easily set the desired scene of lighting in the office, school, or any space with LED Luks luminaires. You can change your ambience scene by dimming and adjusting the lighting colour temperature according to daylight setting and your needs, making the proper conditions to calm down, energize, concentrate or stay alert. 


This feature allows you to control all lights in the building from one space, making possible to have optimal light anytime of the day and in any season. Besides controlling lights through your smart device, you can also choose push buttons or remote controls. 


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