Marine Interiors, Pordenone, Italy


Production area (14000 m2) and

warehouse area (15000m2) equipped with

more than 500 high-bay LED light fittings






Marine Interiors is a leader in designing, construction and delivering turnkey cabins and wet units for cruise ships. In 2016, the company became an integral part of one of the world’s largest shipbuilding company, Fincantieri Group.




The company has recently refurbished their old lighting fittings in the production areas, warehouse and other areas of the company building.







OPTICS: reflector optic with symmetric narrow

or wide light distribution, tempered glass


LIGHT OUTPUT: 10600 – 44000lm

LIFETIME: 50000h at 85% luminous flux

MOUNTING OPTION: ceiling or pendant
IP65 degree of protection

Ball proof protection grid on request



  • The client needed a professional turnkey solution
  • Lighting refurbishment requested for the following areas: production plant, warehouse facilities (A, B, C, D, E) with high ceilings (up to 16 m), production and warehouse offices, company restaurant area, maintenance area.
  • Existing production facilities and warehouse building utilized a 4X80W fluorescent tubes. The company was facing high maintenance costs due to frequent failures of the fittings. Furthermore, the lighting across the building was poorly and not evenly illuminated. For instance, illuminance levels, especially in some areas among warehouse shelves, reached only 50 lux.
  • Replacement of old luminaires should not interfere the production activities.
  • UNI EN 12464-1 conformity
  • Technical specification of high-bay fitting required: 4000K, Ra>80, L80B20, 50.000h



LED Luks provided a turnkey solution and delivered a thorough project analysis, lighting design, a selection of required luminaires, replacement of old fittings and commissioning of the lighting solution.


Hyperion LED perfectly fitted their requirements, delivering up to 149 lm/W and 44.000 lm light output. Hyperion LED fittings (power: up to 300 W) were mounted on the 16 m high ceilings. Made of extruded aluminium profile, Hyperion LED is a high-quality product that brings significant energy savings and longer service lifetime compared to traditional lighting. It achieves LED service life up to 50,000h at 85 % luminous flux and better performance at higher ambient temperature. The advanced thermal design guarantees high performing and long-lasting operation even in ambient temperatures as high as 50°C. Deciding for a quality high-bay LED lighting is the most rational choice for an industrial company like Marine Interiors, especially having high ceiling, where replacing light fixtures at high altitudes is not only risky, but time consuming and expensive, as well.



The quality high-bay lighting brings Marine Interiors a maintenance-free and cost-effective solution. LED Luks delivered a reliable, high-illuminance and low glare lighting solution. Besides achieving energy-efficiency, installing Hyperion fittings proved to have a positive influence on working conditions, well-being and concentration of the employees and a positive impact on the quality control process.


  • significantly improved illuminance levels:
    • General improvement: up to 45 %
    • Specific location, e.g. warehouse, area between the shelves: up to 300 %
  • energy savingsup to 60 %*
    *Energy savings considering same illuminance levels. If we consider the energy consumption at old illuminance values compared with energy consumption of the much higher newer illuminance values, they achieved up to 45% energy savings.
  • maintenance savings: no need for frequent replacements of singular broken fittings, which is not only risky, but time consuming and expensive, as well.
  • investment payback period: 4 years
  • luminaires with integrated sensors were used for additional cost savings
  • uniformal illumination across the buildings

















energy savings up to 60%

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