A whole set of Kyra LED were lately installed to a new office building of Vitanest company, a well-known re-seller and distributor of air conditioning and heat pump in Slovenia. Vitanest aimed for a modern architectural design and cost-effective, yet energy-efficient lighting solution. Thanks to its sophisticated shape and elegant design, Kyra perfectly blends with the interior, optically improves the office appearance, but leaves space to architecture.


Kyra is an ideal solution for their open-office spaces, meeting rooms and general offices. Choosing a combination of 3m and 2,4m long fittings with a colour temperature of 4000 K and UGR<16, our client achieves uniform light distribution with low glare at singular working spaces. Emitting light also up to the ceiling, it provides the basis for a comfortable and stimulating working environment.


Kyra is available in pendant version or as a ceiling mounted luminaire in 4 standard sizes: 1200mm, 1500mm, 2400mm and 3000mm. With the tunable white option, Kyra can adjust colour temperature from a warm 2700K to 5000K, depending on the user’s needs. Know more at: https://www.ledluks.com/products/kyra-led/


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