“It’s magic!” was the most frequent reaction from people passing our booth at Light+building, surprised by the change of form of EOS LED Circular when switching from OFF to ON. Let us introduce you the most attention-grabbing product from our booth.


EOS Circular is defined by a slim frame around a transparent panel, which makes it an elegant and unobtrusive element in the room. When switched on, the luminaire changes its form and creates a perception of pleasant circular light hanging in the air. With integrated LED into the frame, light is evenly distributed within the ring. Its direct and indirect lights diminish glare and provide high visual comfort. Light intensity can be dimmed via DALI.


Thanks to its special circular shape, it is an attractive and efficient solution for offices, conference centers, lobbies, shops, foyers, corridors, schools, and other ambiences where you want to make an impact.


EOS Circular comes in different sizes (470, 560, 650, 740, 825mm) and colors. Know more at: https://www.ledluks.com/products/eos-led-circular/.


Interested also in the rectangular version? Visit: https://www.ledluks.com/products/eos-led/.


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