With the latest improvements, the durable moisture-proof luminaire now delivers an even higher lighting quality and represents an excellent energy-efficient solution. Replacing your traditional lighting solution with Hator LED luminaires saves you costs and time – it’s maintenance-free.

Hator works perfectly even in complex ambient conditions with temperature range from – 25 to + 35 ˚C, thus it is a perfect choice for multi-story car parks, industrial plants, warehouses, cold storage rooms, loading bays, corridors, and other similar facilities. Its robust housing is designed to meet environmental and health standards.


You can now choose between two dimensions, 1200 and 1500mm, in pendant, ceiling or wall version. Last, but not least, there is a presence sensor added, which enables:

  • Automatic switch-off delay time based on the presence 
  • Automatic switch-on/off based on the light level  
  • Step-down illuminance function
  • Adjustable mantained illuminance level

Read more about Hator LED at: https://www.ledluks.com/products/hator-led/


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