Elegancy and simplicity of linear aesthetics make the use of linear profiles a standard in modern architecture. 

Enabling lots of possibilities when adapting the light in the offices, exposing the architecture of the building or simply showing the direction, linear lighting fixtures can be whether purist and sophisticated in the design or more complex in appearance when making different combinations with optics and shapes.

With all options available when making your optimal lighting design, ILO family is the most versatile product from our range, offering several options for a variety of applications.


Mounting options


Side Section Dimensions


Continuous line with uninterrupted uniform lighting and completely illuminated corners available in a range of degree angles, forming customized luminaires of square, hexagon, triangle, octagon,  Y, X and L boomerang shape.



You can choose among:

– opal

– black opal (new) – more choices for the design of your interior: black-line look when OFF, illuminated when ON.

– prismatic

– asymmetric optic.









white and
grey colour

or you can choose a customized colour for a special project.








Colours examples





Have a look at the ILO webpage at: https://www.ledluks.com/products/ilo-2/ and use our Configurator to find exact technical informations.



Do you think there should be more options when using profiles in your project? Do not worry, we have new exciting novelties in the near future. Stay tuned!

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