Seoul Semiconductor has recently conducted a research with the team at Biomedical Information Laboratory at Seoul National University College of Medicine in Korea. 

They have proved that using SunLike based lighting, the eye discomfort is significantly reduced and the sleep quality is improved compared to conventional LED lighting users. Lowering the blue light peak similar to sunlight spectrum, it contributes to maintain a stable human circadian rhythm and to enhance the color clarity of objects.


According to the Seoul Semiconductor webpage (, the researchers conducted experiments on adults including graduate students at Seoul National University, who spend a lot of time studying at their desk indoors. Each participant was instructed to use SunLike desk lamp and conventional LED lamp for 3 hours before bedtime. The team conducted a questionnaire and analyzed the vital signs of participants recorded during sleep.



Research Results

Subjective evaluation through questionnaires showed a significant decrease in eye fatigue and a marked improvement in sleep quality. The researchers found that improvement of the feeling of not refreshing after a sleep in the following morning was statistically significant.


As a result of analyzing the measured vital sign, the time it takes to fall asleep is 23% faster and the time to break during sleep was also improved by 43%. Therefore, the research team found that sleep efficiency as an indicator of sleep was significantly improved from 88% to 94%.

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Delivering natural spectrum of sunlight and minimizing the defects of artificial light sources (generally caused by an excessive blue light on the eye), luminaires under the Spectra brand thus have a positive influence on human biorhythm and contribute to a better and healthier environment. Moreover, they accurately represent the color and texture of objects, making them appear as they would under the sunlight. First client applications will be presented in September.



Plain and Kyra Spectra Exhibited at Seoul Semiconductor Stand at Light+building as Early Adopters of Sunlike LEDs

Plain and Kyra Spectra, the first two of our luminaires and early adopters of the revolutionary and state-of-the-art Sunlike TRI-R phosphor technology, were exhibited at the Seoul Semiconductor stand at Light+building. Having all the products equipped with Sunlike LEDs, visitors could experience light, close to the natural sunlight spectrum.




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