There are various options to control the lighting in a room: you may choose a solution for your singular working station or a full lighting control management system for the entire room or building.

The choices are vast. You can decide for:

  1. a standalone presence/daylight sensor mounted on a luminaire, available as ON/OFF function or with dimmable function. Ideal for small offices.
  2. a system presence/daylight sensor mounted on a ceiling or on a luminaire that enables controlling the light from small to large rooms or entire buildings, available as ON/OFF function or with dimmable function. Additionally, preprogrammed modes can be manually selected for applications like classroom, single office, open plan office, corridor, meeting room, and storage areas. etc.
  3. a pull switch mounted on a luminaire
  4. a remote controller
  5. the light control through the application on your smartphone.


LED Luks luminaires are well suitable for several options from intelligent lighting solutions providers, like Helvar and Casambi, enabling you to adequate the level of light control you require.


Having the lighting optimized to your needs, presence and daylight, it not only delivers improved energy efficiency, but also enhanced working environment and productivity.


Various solutions are available for different luminaires from our portfolio. Contact us with your requirements and we will find the best options for your needs at

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