Adjust the lighting according to your needs 

Thanks to lighting management systems you can adjust the lighting to suit your personal preferences or task needs. You can choose a solution for your particular working station or a full lighting control management system for the entire room or building.



  • Presence and daylight sensors
  • DALI systems
  • Smart phone control
  • EM1h and EM3h


Our luminaires are suitable for several options from intelligent lighting solutions providers, like Helvar (Active+, iDIM, etc.) and Casambi, enabling you to adapt to the level of light control you require.

  • A standalone presence/ daylight sensor mounted on a luminaire, available with a dimmable function. Ideal for small offices.
  • A system presence/ daylight sensor mounted on a ceiling or on a luminaire that enables light control from small to large rooms or entire buildings, available as an on/off function or with a dimmable function. Additionally, preprogramed modes can be manually selected for use in situations like a classroom, single office, open-plan office, corridor, meeting room or storage area.


  • A remote controller
  • Control the light by using the application on your smartphone


  • A pull switch integrated in the luminaire