Switching to an advanced lighting solution with Led luks Hyperion 140 LED luminaire in industrial bay immediately cuts electricity cost and helps to enhance performance and safety.

Investor wanted to improve lighting at its production plant and cut energy costs. It also want to avoide the maintenace costs and many other problems of an old HPI lighting solution, like poor light quality, flickering and risked safety caused by long warm-up time on electricity interuptions. After the instalation of new lighting solution workers say that they feel better and they are higher motivated.


production area 21.000 m2, height 8 m

average workplane illumination 400 lux


  old lighting new lighting solution
type HPI 400 W Hyperion LED 140 W wide
luminaire flux 20.000 lm 14.000 lm
quantity 48 pcs 60 pcs
connected load 9,1 W/m2 4,0 W/m2
rated lifetime 20.000 hours 50.000 hours
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