The highly successful Slovenian technological company, 3fs, specialized in mobile app development, tailor-made cloud solutions and large-scale back-end services, has recently moved to their new branch offices. 

Their forward-thinking and innovative approach of doing business resembles also in their working environment concept, giving a special emphasis also to lighting, which needed to deliver a comfortable feel in the offices and positively impact not only to effectiveness and concentration at work, but also to human biorhythm.

Kyra Spectra met their requirements, especially equipped with dimmable and tunable white function. Featuring the revolutionary SunLike LEDs (co-developed by Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba Materials), their offices benefit of light, which is as closed as possible to the natural sunlight. The combination of LED Chip technology from Seoul Semiconductor and TRI-R phosphor technology developed by Toshiba results in a purple LED without the excessive blue colour, which diminishes the negative effects of artificial light sources to the eyes and to human biorhythms.


3fs decided also for the tunable white feature, which simulates daylight patterns by adjusting colour temperature and brightness levels. The lighting in the offices thus not only has a positive impact to employees’ biorhythm, health and sleeping quality, but also significantly influences effectiveness and concentration at work.

Project: new branch offices for 3fs, d.o.o., Slovenia ( 
Products: Kyra Spectra, featuring Sunlike LEDs with CRI97

More about Kyra
Standard size: 1200X125mm, 1500X125mm, 2400X125mm, 3000X125mm
Optics: High quality PMMA Diamond prism + Opal (DOP) 
Material: High-quality aluminium housing with powder coated finish
Lighting control: dimmable DALI, DALI 2-channels, pull switch DIM, not dimmable 
Lifetime: 50000h at 85% luminous flux
Mounting option:  pendant, pendant direct/indirect, ceiling
Additional options: Tunable White, Stand-alone sensor Active+, Emergency 1h

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