PROJECT: Nalen conference in Stockholm, Sweden

LIGHTING DESIGN: Ulrika Bergström, Ljusstudion/Reflex arkitekter in cooperation with lighting supplier Annell


PHOTOGRAPHY: Jason Strong Photography


A conference room used for a variety of events and parties has received a face lift with new lighting technology and light fixtures. Linear light and spotlights accentuate and complement the interior; the warm gray linseed oil walls, the pillars, the white stucco and the beautiful parquet floors. Pelarsalen is one of Nalen's eight premises in central Stockholm.


The lighting gives the room a facelift with new light lines and spotlights highlighting the enriched rooms with warm gray linseed oil painted walls, white stucco ceilings, pillars and beautiful parquet floors. At the same time, the selected light fixtures communicate a sense of modernity and the technology is highly contemporary.


Nalen conference lighting

In a conference and event facility, it is important to be able to change the brightness, the light scenario and the light colour in order to adapt to the activity that is going on. In “Pelarsalen” there are good possibilities for variation using the new LED lighting with Tunable White which is controlled via DALI 2 (DT8).  Various light scenarios with color temperatures varying from warm white 2700K to whiter light 5000K can be selected and varied at a panel on the wall. There are also preset scenarios for different uses and needs:


  • Presentations require the lighting to be dimmed down in the room to draw attention to the lecturer and the three large display screens along the short side of the room. It is also important for the audience to be able to see the speakers face.
  • Group work and round-table discussions are facilitated by the opportunity to see each other's faces and work surfaces and need flexible lighting.
  • Dinner seating is another lighting situation where the light lines can be completely lit down with only spotlights remaining as a complement to candlelight.


Lightplanning has been made by Ulrika Bergström at Ljusstudion at Reflex architects in collaboration with Annell. Annell has delivered ILO C with Tunable White and rail mounted spotlights with warm white light 2700K and recessed well dimmed spotlights Warm dim 1800-2800K.


Nalen has a history as a central meeting place in Stockholm, the premises have retained their charm and brilliance from the jazz prime time during the 1940s and 1950s.  “Pelarsalen” or "Stacken" as it was previously called was the former training room for boxers. Now, after moving walls and utilization of daylight from windows, there is flexible capacity for up to 200 guests.

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