EOS System is the latest addition to EOS Family – a modular solution for unique lighting settings.With EOS System you can connect together two models of EOS luminaire (rectangular, curved) and create different lighting compositions and customized options: U-shape, circle, curves.


Like the circular and rectangular version, also EOS System is characterised by a transparent panel within a slim powder-coated aluminum ring, which gets homogenously lit when the power is switched ON. This change of luminaire shape and expression creates an inviting light setting and gives a positive impression to the visitor. Besides its decorative feature, which gives the office building its character, it’s the direct/indirect light, which provides uniform and functional light with excellent visibility and a comfortable stay for all customers and employees. The balance between decorative and functional lighting fixture enhances the mood and modern feel of every lighting area of a hotel foyer, conference room, entrance, corridor and office building.


Take a look at different modular options to form your lighting setting and know more about EOS System at:  https://www.ledluks.com/products/eos-system-led/



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