In collaboration with Creative Solutions ( we developed an interactive application to virtually experience EOS Circular: you can view it from different angles, dim the lights and change the light color temperature, both in daylight and nightlight scene.


EOS Circular, chosen as one of the 10 best lighting products of 2016/17 at Darc Awards, is available in 10 different sizes of up to 2000mm in circumference. Thanks to its slim aluminium profile around the transparent panel, it is an elegant and unobtrusive solution for your ambience. The change in its form happens when the lights are turned ON and the panel gets completely lit. You can create a pleasant warm atmosphere setting the light to 2700K or make cooler light setting at 5000K.


By downloading the application to your computer you can play with EOS Circular and:

  • see the change in luminaire’s appearance when it is turned ON or OFF
  • see how light is distributed
  • feel the atmosphere in the room while changing the color and intensity of the light.


You can download it at:




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