Being one of the international leaders in the production of office furniture, MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) …


panels, chipboards, pre-finished floorings and sound-absorption panels, Fantoni Group has recently undergone a major investment in the new production facility (Plaxil 8), part of which Hyperion ALU high-bay LED light fittings were installed.


Contact person: Athos Buccino

Project size: 2 industrial plants (9200 m2 and 1200 m2) with more than 500 high-bay LED light fittings and 43 office light fittings

Product: Hyperion ALU LED, ARUN LED

Installer: C.I.M.E.

Architect: Valle Architetti Associati; Pietro Valle with the new building continued the past architectural work done by his father, Gino Valle.


Plaxil 8, a majestic industrial building (9200 m2), houses the largest press line with the ultimate MDF technology in Europe. The new plant is 300m long, 28m wide and reaches a height of 32,5m. Besides equipping the new building with an energy-efficient and contemporary lighting solution, there was a necessity for a lighting refurbishment also in an existing facility with out-of-date light fittings (1200 m2). To illuminate a space with a continuous machine run (24hours/day) and such high ceilings, a powerful and reliable illumination is necessary.





New production plant, Plaxil 8

  • Delivering an advanced lighting solution for a large industrial plant with high ceilings (up to 32,5m).
  • Delivering a reliable, high-illuminance and low glare lighting solution for a space with a continuous machine run (24hours/day).
  • Providing a reliable service and deliver the lamps on time.
  • Providing a unified appearance of the lamps that will be applied in different spaces: production facilities, corridors, service rooms,…That meant providing a customized adaptation of the lamps.
  • The aim of the architect was to combine an energy-efficient lighting solution with an appealing design of the industrial fitting, which should not compromise the industrial aesthetics of the building.
  • Given the sharp increase in electricity prices in the last years, the site’s Operations Manager was keen to explore new possibilities to deploy a quality and energy-efficient lighting solution.


Existing production facility:

  • The existing production facility utilised 2X58W fluorescent fittings. The lights operated 24 hours per day (7 days/week), so there was the need for energy and costs savings.





Hyperion ALU perfectly fitted their requirements, reflecting the contemporary industrial style of the building and delivering up to 149lm/W and 44.000 lm light output. 210W Hyperion LED lamps were mounted on the ceilings from 13,5m up to 32,5m high in the new plant, while 75W Hyperion LED fittings were mounted on an average ceiling height of 6,5m in the refurbished plant.


Made of extruded aluminium profile, Hyperion LED is a high-quality product that brings benefits of up to 66% energy savings and 8.3X longer service lifetime compared to traditional lighting. It achieves LED service life up to 50,000h at 85 % luminous flux and 1.6X better performance at higher ambient temperature. The advanced thermal design guarantees high performing and long-lasting operation even in ambient temperatures as high as 50°C.


Deciding for a quality high-bay LED lighting is the most rational choice for almost any commercial or industrial setting, especially for high-ceiling warehouses or manufacturing plants, where replacing light fixtures at high ceiling altitudes is not only risky, but time consuming and expensive, as well. A concern that Fantoni took in consideration.


LED Luks was engaged in delivering the lighting solution to the new plant (9200 m2), as well as to the refurbished plant (1200 m2). Hyperion fittings were installed in 2017.



The high-quality lighting brings Fantoni a maintenance-free and cost-effective solution.

Besides achieving energy-efficiency, deploying Hyperion LED lighting solution proved to have a positive influence on working conditions, well-being and concentration of the employees and a positive impact on the quality control process.



Company Overview

The historical landmark of Fantoni Campus was built in late sixties by Valle Architetti Associati. With headquarters located in Osoppo in the province of Udine, Italy, the plants cover an area of about 1 square kilometre and employ a staff of 700 people. As such, Fantoni is one of the most important employers in the region.


Throughout the years, one of the company’s biggest attention has always been put in the design and aesthetical aspects not only of their products, but also of the industrial architecture of their buildings, perfectly integrated in the surrounding landscape. Remarkable for their 45°angle office furniture collection, as well as for their »Cathedral” building, originally designed by Gino Valle in 1985, Fantoni’s achievements are exhibited in New York’s MOMA museum.



Luminaire: Hyperion ALU 
Luminaire efficacy: 149lm/W
Optics: reflector optic with symmetric narrow or wide light distribution, tempered glass
Lighting control: dimmable DALI
Light output: 10600 – 44000lm
Lifetime: 50000h at 85% luminous flux
Mounting option: ceiling or pendant
IP65 degree of protection
Ball proof protection grid on request







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