Light your building like the sun would

Delivering natural spectrum of sunlight and minimizing the defects of artificial light sources, luminaires under the Spectra brand accurately represent the color and texture of objects. They appear as they would under the sunlight. This is especially important in ambiences where exact color of the product needs to be shown, like:

exhibition facilities such as museums, health and beauty facilities, fine art painting stores, fashion departments, printing stores, fine jewellery stores, etc.  



Advanced technology inside

Spectra luminaires feature SunLike LEDs, co-developed by Seoul Semiconductor and Toshiba Materials. The combination of LED Chip technology from Seoul Semiconductor and TRI-R phosphor technology developed by Toshiba results in a purple LED with special qualities. This state-of-the-art technology creates a more intimate and nature-based lighting environment without the negative effects of excessive blue light on the eye or human biorhythms.





Light, close to the natural sunlight spectrum

After humans have lived under the sun for thousands of years, human organs and biorhythms have evolved to respond most appropriately to natural sunlight. Thanks to SunLike LEDs,  Spectra luminaires closely match the spectrum of natural sunlight, maximize the advantage of natural light and minimizes the shortcomings of artificial light source. They follow the human biorhythm and contribute to a better and healthier environment.




Choose Plain Spectra and Kyra Spectra to obtain a perfect color reproduction in your offices!



How the quality of light affects the colour and texture of things


Luminaires with Sunlike LEDs

Plain Spectra

Cold temperature light

Kyra Spectra



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