The new Munch Museum, Oslo, Norway



The new Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway, is destined to be an iconic monument, dedicated to the Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. LED Luks is proud to have delivered a customized version of Kyra luminaire, which standardly comes as a single luminaire, available in four different lengths. The project required longer lines, thus a re-design of the standard Kyra was necessary to make the luminaire a continuous light-line solution. As such, it delivers homogeneous illumination and low UGR.

The re-engineering of Kyra is evolving further and the luminaire will be soon a fully customizable solution, so stay tuned for the updates in the following months.

The well-thought lighting design in the Munch Museum focuses on the ability to create ambience mood and dynamics that together play a key role in the identity of the rooms. The concept is well balanced between architectural design and a good light level with the right technology that achieves lighting requirements for the various functions in the rooms, and makes the daily work area a comfortable, functional and inspiring environment.

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