Switching to Hyperion LED lighting solution in a production hall brings 80% energy savings and significant maintenance costs cuts to our partner in Slovenia. Moreover, calculations shows a payback period of less than a year and an improved illuminance level of up to 221% from 200lux to 643lux. 

The production halls need quality lighting, which affects productivity, concentration, well-being at work and general health. Besides cost-cuts, these were the main expectations when our partner decided for the upgrade of their old conventional lighting system to a LED lighting solution.


hyperion_front_page_bannerHyperion LED, our professional high-bay luminaire for suspended or ceiling installation, was a perfect fit for their needs as it is primarily designed for industry and sports halls. With up to 50.000 hours of service lifetime (LM80) and up to 137 lm/W luminance, the costs are significantly reduced, the quality of work is increased and the number of errors diminished, along with the risk of accidents. Thanks to intelligent lighting management, it is now possible to vary the illuminance of the hall according to working shifts.


Hyperion LED offers sustainable, high-efficient lighting in areas such as warehouses, logistics halls, production facilities, agriculture and sports halls. It is also ideal for use in high buildings, such as high-bay warehouses.


Read more about Hyperion LED at: https://www.ledluks.com/products/hyperion-led/




Investor: Gorenje, d.d.
Contractor: Sloluks d.o.o. 


   Old lighting solution   New lighting solution 
 Type  VTF  Hyperion LED
 Illuminance level  200lx  643lx
 Annual consumption (MWh)   242  47





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