PROJECT: Hökarängsskolan school in Stockholm, Sweden

ARCHITECT: Ture Ryberg

LIGHTING DESIGN: ELE Engineering AB, Christian Söderlund in cooperation with lighting supplier Annell

PRODUCTS: Plain  and Kyra


The Hökarängsskolan school in Stockholm, a building of high cultural and historical value dating from the middle  of the last century, has recently been completely renovated, part of which was also an upgrade to LED lighting. Clever and accurate selection of LED luminaires perfectly enhances the 50s style décor, preserving its soul and historic value, but improving light quality and efficiency.


Lighting planners chose Kyra for student's classrooms and the library, providing a stimulating educational environment and a place of well-being. Teachers' offices were equipped with Plain, offering up and down-light and individual light control. Both luminaires deliver a cost-effective lighting solution with UGR<16 and 125lm/w.


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