EOS System is a pendant modular system for unique light settings. Two standard modules are available to connect in a system, offering you the possibilities to create compositions of U-shape, curves, as well as circles and adjust the lighting to the architecture and functional requirements of the room.


Each module is separately controlled via a smart device, push button or remote control, enabling you to regulate the desired illumination in the room. All those features, together with direct/indirect lighting, make EOS System an architectural as well as a functional solution for optimal working conditions, enhancing the mood and modern feel of every lighting area of an office building, hotel foyer, conference room, entrance and corridor.


Want a truly made-to-measure solution? Design your own module.

La flexibilité est le maître mot de la serie EOS System ; nous vous donnons la possibilité de dessiner votre propre luminaire.


More about EOS System at: https://www.ledluks.com/products/eos-system-led/



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