A new student campus of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, the Sweden’s largest technical research and learning institution has been recently built in Stockholm. The new campus will accomodate nearly 1000 students.


The lighting project included ILO ceiling lights in the three finished houses’ entrances, stairwells and corridors. Corridor lighting is well connected to the architecture in the form of super-bright light lines, using energy-efficient and DALI-controlled LED technology. 


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Project: Student campus of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

Product: ILO Ceiling

Lighting design: Annell

FOTO: Pierre Liard


Standard sizes: 
Recessed: 845 / 1125 / 1405 / 1685 / 2245mm
Ceiling: 845 / 1265 / 1545 / 1685 / 2245mm
Pendant: 845 / 1265 / 1545 / 1685 / 2245mm
Pendant Direct/Indirect: 1265 / 1545 / 2455mm

Optics: Micro Prismatic / OPAL PC / Asymmetric lighting
Material: High-quality aluminium housing with powder coated finish
Lighting control: dimmable DALI
Lifetime: 50000h at 85% luminous flux





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