Geelong Tech School, Gordon Institute, Geelong, Australia
Deakin University, Waurn Ponds Campus, Geelong, Australia 
Nelson Park School, Geelong, Australia


LIGHTING DESIGNMeinhardt Pty Ltd Melbourne

SUPPLIERSonic Lighting, Australia 


PHOTOGRAPHER: Jake Langenegger Photography

Students' areas need to be designed as inspirational places to keep young minds stimulated and at the same time a place for socializing and cultivating community spirit. A creative lighting design can play its part in the ambiance’ aesthetic and resemble the culture of the institution and its brand. ILO profiles offer numerous choices for an inspiring environment and inviting indoor spaces, whether when used to create an elegant interior or, why not, playing with colours for a lively atmosphere.


This was definitely the case with the recently installed ILO products at Geelong Tech School, Deakin University and Nelson Park School in Australia. Colourful profiles give a lively touch to the environment, while combining them in different shapes and corners, the lighting could be adapted to the architecture. ILO fixtures significantly enhance the light quality, playing an important role for students’ well-being and concentration.



Do not miss the latest updates! ILO family has been recently enlarged with:

  • new reflector optics possibilities, offering wide or narrow lighting distribution
  • and with the shortest recessed versions called ILO Mini (lengths 90, 160, 230, 300mm).  

linear LED lighting fixture 

colour lighting profile

colour lighting profile

linear lightline


corner profile

linear lightline

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