The coming year 2017 will continue to be busy with new luminaires. While we have advanced and exciting products in the pipeline for the whole year, we are happy to unveil the newcomers of the first quarter.

ALVA Modular LED is enriching the ALVA family. Besides microprismatic and opal optic, the new member will be based on small symmetrical reflectors, providing even higher visual comfort thanks to hidden light source.


ILO Modular LED: ILO family also expands with new optical system, based on modules of small symmetrical reflectors placed in the linear housing, creating a louvre effect. Thanks to low glare and a hidden light source within a reflector, the product provides high visual comfort. The new optical system will be applied in recessed, ceiling, pendant and pendant D/I versions of ILO family members.


NURIEL LED: soft-light distribution and glare-free light for general and task area lighting. With Nuriel you will see the light but not the light source, which will create a uniform distribution of light with no shadows and dark spots. An affordable solution for your office.

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