Light can often be a tool to play with when defining the interior of a room. It aesthetically upgrades the ambience and gives it a character.

This was the case of the hotel in Norway, where ILO pendant was mounted in large square lines. The modern appeal of a linear light fixture fits perfectly with the vintage interior of the hotel.


Recessed straight-lines, on the other hand, function discreetly and blend in the interior, but at the same time give an aesthetic appeal to the architecture. For instance, single and continuous-line fixtures were installed in classrooms, corridors, offices and conference rooms of a new Norway school bringing quality light for every-day studying.

ILO light-line system is a flexible modular system adjusted to architectural requirements. With its straight lines it can be whether an elegant solution for representative offices as well as an energy-efficient solution for offices, shops, hotels, schools, corridors and other applications. ILO offers you several opportunities to form uninterrupted horizontal and vertical continuous lines in recessed, ceiling or pendant-mounted version. Moreover, you can choose also the direct/indirect light option for a more scenic atmosphere or with the tunable white feature if you want a positive effect on concentration and effectiveness at work.


What’s more, ILO family will soon become richer with ILO Modular, which will be based on a new optical system with a hidden light source, lower glare and high visual comfort.


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