The ILO profiles became richer for two additional versions – ILO 35 and ILO 70. The majority of the features available for ILO 50 are possible also for the narrower and wider version:

* different mounting types: recessed, ceiling, pendant, pendant direct/indirect, wall (ILO 35)
* single units and continuous light-line systems
* optics possibilities: prismatic, opal, nero
* 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K or TW
* CRI > 80, CRI > 90, CRI > 95 (Sunlike)
* lengths: up to 2800mm in a single unit, adaptation of length down to +/- 70mm
* fully illuminated corners
The configuration of specific model is possible using our Product configurator with which you can download all the technical documentation and get the technical data straightaway.
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