A large sports hall in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, has lately switched to advanced LED lighting solution achieving cost cuts, energy savings and improved light quality with the CRI factor of up to 84 and the illuminance level of up to 41% from 850lux to 1200lux.


Although being built in 1977, the sports hall is largely used for different sporting activities, concerts and other events. The hall has lately undergone a huge renovation, part of which was also the lighting optimization. The old traditional installation didn’t allow any lighting regulation, moreover, its high intensity discharge lamps took up to 10 minutes to fully enlighten the hall. Last, but not least, it was not possible to immediately power on the lamps in case of unexpected electrical failures.


Hyperion LED, our professional high-bay luminaire for suspended or ceiling installation, was a perfect fit for their needs as it is primarily designed for sports and industry halls. With up to 50.000 hours of service lifetime (LM80) and up to 137 lm/W luminaire efficiency, they increased lifetime by a factor of 4, average illuminance by 41% and energy savings by 56%. Due to intelligent lighting management, it is now possible to vary the illuminance of the playground accordingly to specific events’ needs and thus not only positively affect the physical performance, but also achieve additional savings. Furthermore, a customized function was added for a 5-minutes progressive turn off of lights after certain hour in the night.


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More information at Hyperion LED web page.


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