Kyra LED impresses with its up to 3 meters long elegant housing, bringing you more quality light and cost-savings. Characterized with slim design, sharp edges and all-aluminium housing in black or white variety, it is an elegant and stylish lighting solution for your space.

Kyra LED is available as a pendant or ceiling mounted luminaire. Thanks to its sophisticated shapes, both versions optically upgrade the room without dominating it. Different features, like Dynamic White Technology and direct/indirect lighting, are possible, making your office a comfortable, stimulating and healthier working environment. 


Due to its length and low ugr, it delivers a homogenous and efficient distribution of light and enables less luminaires per room. Thus, it is most suitable for open-space offices, corridors, foyers, conference areas, classrooms and other spacious ambiences.


Available in different dimensions: 1200, 1500, 2400 and 3000mm.


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