We are proud to announce a new in-house designed and developed luminaire. The latest member of our next-generation of LED product family is now available and will be delivered to first clients in few days.


LIANE LED, a lighting solution for schools and offices, is a perfect combination of elegant design and technology. Optimally emitting light both up to the ceiling and down to the workspace, it delivers a perfect light distribution with daylight quality light. The color temperature (2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K) of warmer direct light and colder indirect light can be adjusted in both directions to more evenly fill the space with light. What is more, direct and indirect light can be dimmed separately to get the desired scene of light


This combination creates a daylight scene increasing the productivity and wellbeing in working and learning areas and making it an excellent energy efficient luminaire. Its linear shape, available as ceiling or pendant installation, makes it a stylish addition to your spaces.


Want to know more? Visit the product webpage and request the quotation.






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