You can now fully customize our linear lighting profiles and create a luminaire designed directly for your project's needs. The luminaires can be adapted to 1mm in length and to 1 degree in angle precisely. 

The beauty of the configurator is that it can create and adjust 3D drawings in real time according to your selection parameters. With the 3D viewer, you can re-position the luminaire, have a closer look from different angles and change individual intersections. For every configuration, you get:


  • 3D models to work with
  • Detailed technical documentation (.dxf and .ldt files)
  • Project Quote with article numbers
  • Mounting position drawings

And that's not all. The configurator is synchronized with our augmented reality (AR) app (iOS and Android ready), with which you can view the luminaire directly in your interior.


Watch the video to know more how it works:



The solution can be customized according to:

  • Mounting type (ceiling, recessed, pendant)
  • System lengths and shapes: endless possibilities to configure the luminaire down to 1 mm in length and to 1 degree in angle 
  • Color temperature (2700 K, 3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 K)
  • CRI > 80, CRI > 90, CRI > 95
  • Light output
  • System power
  • Optics type (opal, prismatic, modular wide, modular narrow, asymmetric, nero and blank filler)

The first, beta, version is already online, so you can try using it. More options and optimizations are already under development and will be ready in the following weeks.

How can you start using it?

We'd love to hear your feedback. 

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