ALVA Family expands with a new optical system, based on small symmetrical reflectors placed in ALVA housing. Thanks to hidden light source, it provides even higher visual comfort and an improved working environment in your office. 

ALVA is specially designed to be simply integrated into suspended ceilings with grids.

T-bar style ceilings are well used in commercial buildings and require recessed lighting fixtures. ALVA is an attractive solution that matches the most common sizes of ceiling tiles enabling easy installation with no extra cutting needed – all you have to do is to remove a tile from the grid and replace it with an ALVA. Available in different sizes (300X600mm, 600X600mm, 625X625mm, 1200X300mm), ALVA Modular makes the installation into a ceiling grid fast and easy. Characterized by smooth edges, it prevents scratches and makes an easy handling with the fixture.


ALVA is largely used for general lighting in offices and similar ambiences around the world that require an evenly lit space, improved energy efficiency and reduced operational costs. It is often the choice in new buildings with T-bar style ceilings or in projects that are upgrading their traditional lights to LED lighting. We are now pleased to offer a solution with even better glare reduction and new aesthetics.


ALVA Modular will be available for first orders in September.


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