Illuminance requirements in a sportshall vary according to the range of activities in the hall. Sport games, their TV-broadcasting, school gym or events, such as concerts, need different levels of illuminaition. 

Furthermore, the lighting needs differ also depending on the type of sport: small-sized balls sports, like for example tennis, table tennis, etc., require higher illuminanation and better light uniformity than sports playing with a large ball. Quality lighting is thus crucial for a good physical performance.

Besides that, energy and maintenance savings are important aspects related to the quality of an LED lighting solution. Those can be furtherly increased adopting a good lighting management system, which provides various illuminance settings related to the activity in the hall and multi-use of venue. The use of presence detection sensors, which authomatically switch the lights OFF when the hall is not in use, help additionally reducing energy consumption to a minimum. Furthermore, a customized function can be added for a progressive turn off lights after certain hour in the night.

So, why waiting for an upgrade of your old traditional lighting to a quality LED lighting? You’ll benefit at least of:

  • 4-times increased lifetime of the lamps
  • operational costs savings
  • more than 60% energy-savings
  • more than 40% improved quality of light

Luminaire: Hyperion ALU (
Luminaire efficacy: 149lm/W
Optics: reflector optic with symmetric narrow or wide light distribution, tempered glass
Lighting control: dimmable DALI
Light output: 10600 – 44000lm
Lifetime: 50000h at 85% luminous flux
Mounting option: ceiling or pendant
IP65 degree of protection
Ball proof protection grid on request


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