Being one of the early adopters of the revolutionary Sunlike LEDs (Seoul Semiconductor), we are now enlarging the Spectra range with Plain, Kyra, ILO and Arun. Delivering light close to sunlight, the luminaires have a potential positive impact on eyes safety and human circadian rhythm, and reduce the risk of myopia as well.

Achieving CRI>97, luminaires with integrated Sunlike LEDs, produce light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight, delivering human-centric and healthier lighting. With a lower blue light peak common to conventional LEDs, light sources with SunLike LEDs more naturally and accurately show the original color and surface structures of objects and thus help to reveal true perspective along with three-dimensional feeling which make the object more clear. Moreover, the technology encourages natural sleeping patterns at night and keeps us awake during the day. Adopting Sunlike LEDs together with Tunable white technology, the luminaires get really human centric.

Sunlike LEDs

Commercial LEDs

Besides its human centric effect, the improved light quality is especially important in ambiences where exact color and texture need to be shown, like: exhibition facilities, health and beauty ambiences, fine art painting stores, fashion departments, printing stores, fine jewellery stores, etc.  


Spectra Luminaires:




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